Beach Wedding Cake

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Looking for a beach wedding cake? Through the generous sharing spirit of Karen from Manassary Bakery on her photostream on , I've got some beauties to show you. Please click on the individual pictures for additional copyright info.

This is one amazing cake designer. Just look at the awesome detail she puts into each gorgeous cake!

This all white cake is topped with a Wilton Cake figurine.

A seashell cake in the subtle shades of lavender.

A similar cake with a different topper.

I think this one is absolutely stunning. The detail on the lighthouse is out of this world!

Look at the mooring and anchor details! The way she depicts waves is superb.

A seashell cake takes on a totally different look with a different colored icing.

The bright colors mixed with oranges and other hues is gorgeous!

Thanks to Manassary Bakery for allowing me to share such awesome photos with you!

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