Beach Wedding Bouquets

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Lovely beach wedding bouquets can easily pick up the feel of the oceanside wedding with tropical wedding flowers, or incorporating unusual accents such as seashells.

Seashell Wedding Bouquet

At a recent flower show, I thought it was really fun when they produced bouquets that were supposed to convey the feel of a destination wedding. The beauty of this bouquet was enhanced by the addition of sea shells and sparkle gems inserted into the flowers.

Here's a closer look at how the sea shells are wired and then tucked into the bouquet. The floral designer used pot glue to attach the shells to the decorative wire. 

She picked up the soft natural pinks of the sea shells with chunky gemstones on wire picks.

Creating coordinating bouquets for the bridesmaids included sea shells as well. This ingenious touch had a decorative wire cage surrounding the flowers and topped with a shell. 

You can purchased this bouquet made of seashells and starfish already made and ready to use.  Please note that every bouquet will be unique as the shells used are real and may not look exactly as pictures.

Lillian Rose BQ440 Coastal Sea Shell Bouquet

Get creative!  Glue or wire your own seashells to the Amazing Bouquet armature.  Add in bouquet jewels for extra sparkle!

Amazing Bouquet Armature

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