Battery Candles

Battery candles are a safe way to have the ambiance of candlelight flickering at your wedding reception without the danger of open flames.

These candles come in a variety of sizes and heights. Choose the style you like best from those pictured below.

Gorgeous matte silvery finish creates a sleek look either on the table or in a glass votive cup. The yellow flame has a flickering effect that gives it a realistic appearance.

Led Tea Light Metallic Silver Pkg/3

Brilliant white LED light is submersible and can be used with water beads or in water.

Led Floating Candle White Set/3

This white battery votive comes in two different heights. The flame flickers and gives the appearance of being a real votive candle.

Flickering Tealight Set/12

This pearl blossom candle is operated by battery and has a white matte finish.

Matte Pearl Blossom Votive Each

Like it's silver countpart above, the gold finish on this lovely candle is so lovely that you won't want to hide it!

Led Tealight Metallic Gold Pkg/3

Another choice for a gold toned battery operated votive. This petal shaped candle is for dry use only.

Matte Gold Blossom Votive Each

The dramatic height of this flameless candle works beautiful in hurricane globe arrangements.

Led Pillar Candle Each

Led Floating Candle White Set/3

Led Floating Candle White Set/3

Add these floating candles to your centerpieces to light up your night! These 1 3/4 high plastic floating candles have a LED light.

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