Basic Flower Arranging
Directions for Weddings

Basic flower arranging. How to do it?

Brides buy tons of "How to Make Wedding Flowers" books from Amazon, E-bay and local bookstore. They subscribe to wedding magazines and watch videos. Mostly so they can save money by learning how to make their own wedding flowers. Is that why you are here now? Well . . . this is as basic as it gets. Read on!

How to Make a Wrist Corsage

How to make a wrist corsage in easy steps. There are also pictures of corsage bracelets and other ideas to jazz up your bridal corsages!

How to Make a Wrist Corsage

Decorating with Tulle

Want to see instructions on how to make tulle pew bows? There are also ideas on how to use tulle on tables, pinning tulle on wedding table, how to decorate chairs with tulle, how to wrap chairs with tulle, and how to wrap lights in tulle.
Decorating with Tulle

How to Make a Cascading Bouquet

Learn how to make a cascading rose bouquet with step by step instructions and pictures. Substitute your own flowers and see what a beautiful floral designer YOU can be!

How to Make a Cascading Rose Bouquet

How to Decorate Bridal Flip Flops

Dance to your heart's content in decorated flip flops. A little lace, some bling bling and you're ready to go!

How to Decorate Bridal Flip Flops

How to Make a Reception Centerpiece

Beautiful centerpieces that look like a professional florist made it is easier than you think! Take a look at this Hurricane centerpiece made from an Oasis Design Ring.

Make a Hurricane Wedding Centerpiece

Basic Flower Arranging is only one of many wedding pages found on this site. Find wedding flower pictures, wedding centerpieces, flower arranging lessons, weddings by color, weddings by flower type, and so much more!

Need even more help? Be sure to check out the designing books on my store link for more directions for arranging flowers like professional florists.

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