Baseball Wedding Cake

A baseball wedding cake can score a home run if they look like the ones pictured below! Generously shared by the members of Flickr, these themed wedding cakes had to of been an enormous hit with all the guests at each party.

Cupcake wedding cakes have gained much popularity in the last few years - probably due to their promotion by Martha Stewart in her Weddings magazine. Topped with a baseball cake topper, these cupcakes were frosted with the traditional red and white stitching of a real ball.

Stadium cakes are made with a formed Stadium Bundt Cake pan , then iced and decorate with your favorite MKL team colors.

Here is the cake right out of the oven before being frosted.

Obviously it's not only Americans who are in love with the sport! This stunning cake was shared by Apuch on Flicker as well.

Although made for a birthday occasion, this great cake could easily be adapted for a wedding as well!

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