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Hanging Wedding Spheres

Flower balls aren't difficult - just a little time consuming.  It will take more flowers than you think to make hanging spheres.

Remember that wet Oasis foam is heavy - so it is better to go with smaller sized spheres and extend the flower lengths longer (especially if you want attendants or a little flower girl to carry them!)

Easy flower tip - it takes a lot of gypsophilia to cover a sphere.  If you paint it white first using special florist paint (designed to hold on wet surfaces) it will cover easier.

Processing the flowers correctly from dry pack is the key to long lasting flowers.

Oasis spheres need to be supported so the foam doesn't disintegrate.  Florists used to tape the ball with waterproof tape before designing.  Oasisw netted balls work perfect and the foam doesn't need to be prepped like this anymore.

Do not forget to mist with a flower sealant (such as Finishing Touch) when finished.  Flowers can be made a little more secure with a floral adhesive like Floralock.

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