Baby's Breath Flower

Baby's Breath has been a popular wedding flower for years.  It is packed in grower's bunches, which means it comes to florists by weight rather than by a counted number of stems.

Many of my competitors ask that you buy at least 10 bunches to purchase online.  Uh . . . that's a LOT!   I let brides purchase by singles bunches - or save more by buying in larger quantities.  Either way - you are in control of how much you want to buy.

Gypsophila looks lovely whether used as a filler flower or massed in larger quantities as a stand alone bouquet.  It is a cheaper flower and is a nice way to fill out a bouquet with a larger, airier look.

I've seen DIY tutorials around on the web where the designer says that she bought her baby's breath from a grocery store or discount store.

That's fine - but it's not always the bargain that you think it is.  Pictured below is a full grower's bunch.  This is the way that a professional flower shop buys it.  

Bunches sold in stores to regular consumers are usually divided and you are not always getting a full grower's bunch.  Thus you usually have to buy two, three or more bunches to get the same amount as you would in a single grower's bunch.  

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