Autumn Wedding Bouquets

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The autumn wedding bouquets featured below are some of the newest designs available. Accenting with bouquet jewelry, decorative pins and wire is very chic and popular as a novel look today.

This is a mixture of gold and orange toned roses. Surrounded with Gold Dust draceana leaves, bear or lemon grass can be looped below for extra interest.

Calla lilies are so versatile and are available in a wide array of colors to make beautiful fall bridal bouquets. These red beauties are strong enough to stand alone without any other flowers.

Large pearls, rhinestones and copper Angel Hair wire are beautiful accents to this hand held gold and orange rose design.

This style of bouquet is called a "composite". Centered with one beautiful rose, extra rose petals are glued around it to create a much larger looking flower.

Gloriosa lilies, roses and Gerbera daisies are the focal point of this awesome design. Rosemary, dusty miller and cape mix are tucked in beside the flowers.

A paler shade of Gerberas and roses give asweet ribbon wrapped bouquet that will compliment any Autumn colored bridesmaid gown.

Thirty-four peach and green carnations are used to create a tightly mounded hand tied bouquet. It is surrounded by a green leaf rose collar.

A perfect compliment to the above bouquet, this bridesmaid "basket" could also be made in a smaller version for a flowergirl.

All above Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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