Autumn Centerpieces for Fall Themed Weddings

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Autumn centerpieces should follow the color of nature. Fall bursts forth with russet reds, pumpkin orange, burnished browns and the golds of harvest wheat. Learn how to include these colors in your reception centerpieces.

Autumn Wedding Decorations

Design rings by Oasis are an easy to make up in fresh flowers and provide a water source to keep them fresh. They are a perfect choice for a bride who wants to make her own reception centerpieces, but needs to be able to make them up in a short time.

See how versatile both your style and color can be with using this great florist supply product!

The autumn centerpiece below is made with a Rainbow Design Ring. The fun thing is that the foam is meant to be seen and be part of the color of the design!

Sorry . . . the colored design ring is now is discontinued item

The vibrant sunflowers and miniature pumpkins can make reception centerpieces a true reflection of the fall season.

Fall Flower Arrangement for a Wedding
with a Fun Twist!

These clear square vases are fun to make and so easy to do. OASIS® Floral Foams come in funky colors. You can get the colors in rings, cubes, bricks and powder. The two vases below are designed with Rainbow foam cubes. They come in Sunny yellow, pumpkin, cherry and other great designer colors.

This tall cylinder vase also uses OASIS® Floral cubes and a wire product called sisal. It is awesome. It comes in lots of bright colors, including copper, gold and silver. See what a striking arrangement this is with very little work.

Hurricane Lamp for Fall Themed Weddings

This exotic fall arrangement is made with a hurricane lamp over an OASIS® Design Ring. With the flowers in deep reds and a golden hued candle, this design is a winner!

Autumn Centerpieces with Floating Candles

Ideas for the Head Bridal Table

Here is a photo example of a floral arrangement for a head tables in fall colors.

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