August Wedding Colors

August wedding colors tend to lead gently into an autumn theme, yet are softer than the vivid hues of October and November. These colors blend beautifully, but have not yet reached the orange and red tones traditionally associated with a fall wedding colors.

This lovely arm clutch combines pale peach roses framed against a deeper caramel colored rose. Spergeri fern and decorative grasses give a feel of late summer colors commonly found in August.

If you don't care for the darker brown hues, brighten up the bouquet with an addition of soft white, such as stephanotis or white bouvardia. Both the soft peach colored stock and the stephanotis have a wonderful scent as the flowers warm in the open air. The unopened buds of the bouvardia add a green to the colors of your bouquet.

If the brown tones don't appeal to your guests for the corsage work, simply substitute the soft whites. They will still coordinate with your main color scheme.

Subtle peaches and soft blush roses hint of the fall season to come. The deeper burgundy of hanging amaranthus provides a pleasing contrast.

Modern wedding bouquets incorporate a lot of color using design materials such as decorative wire. This has replaced the traditional ribbon and tulle that used to be so popular. It comes in a lot of different colors, including golds, silver, and copper.

Flowers to rave about . . .


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