Attach the Bouquet Handle

Wedding Flower Tutorials

I'm now ready to attach the bouquet handle to the wire collar that I customized in the first step.

I then braided two colors of wire, and created the handle shown in the photo below.

Using needle nose pliers, bend the wires straight up so they stick up through the wire bouquet holder.

With the pliers, bend the wire down into a "U" shape, catching the wires of the bouquet holder. From the underside, curl the ends again once more. Be sure the holder is attached firmly and very tightly, so the collar doesn't wobble loosely.

Be very careful that no sharp end of the wire are on the underside of the holder. You don't want any sharp ends that could snag or scratch sheer dresses or hands.

You can actually bend the wires in the collar as well, winding them tightly and closely to the wires of the holder.

If necessary to get the handle tighter, cut another short length or two from the wire coil and thread through the top of the collar and wind around the top part of the bouquet holder.

Tug gently against the holder and collar, making sure they feel very sturdy and secure. You are now ready to attach the Oasis foam cap to the top of the collar with fine wire.

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