Attach Pink Bouquet Collar

Easy Bouquet Directions for DIY Brides

To attach pink bouquet collar to the holder, use floral glue. This special adhesive holds firm, even in wet Oasis. I've shown you how to make the collar in the first step of this tutorial. The goal is to have a large enough frame to show behind the flowers, making it a part of the design.

Cut long lengths of wire from the coil. Bend these into a "U" shape. Insert two of these into the top and bottom loops of the collar.

Twist the ends of the "U" tightly together to create a long length of wire to insert into the foam of the bouquet holder.

Squirt some floral glue onto the end of the twist before inserting into the foam. If you are using Floralock in the end, you can skip this step and secure the wires later with Floralock.

Insert the twisted wire deeply into the foam, so to attach the pink bouquet collar firmly on both the top and bottom.

Your wire collar should now be attached at the top and bottom.

The other wires are going to be attached differently. Pinch one end around a loop on the collar. Thread the wire through the actual cage of the foam head, back out and pinch the other end of the wire around another loop. Needle nose pliers can help get a tight pinch.

This is how it looks from another angle.

Repeat all around the bouquet, making sure that the bouquet collar is securely attached to the holder.

When finished, it should look like this. The wire frame should be fairly steady without flopping around loosely when you hold the bouquet.

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