Asiatic Lily Wedding Bouquet

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It is sometimes confusing to a bride whether she wants an Asiatic Lily Wedding Bouquet or an Oriental. What's the difference?

Mostly size of the flower heads. Asiatic lilies are smaller and more economical. These are what brides commonly calls Tiger Lily because they come in such bright orange colors. They also come in pinks, yellows, whites, and other colored hybrids.

Oriental Lilies are larger hybrids such as Stargazers, Starfighters and Casa Blancas. They are all exquisite and make a lovely bridal flower designs.

Pink Asiatic Bouquet

This bright bouquet also has bouvardia, hot pink tipped roses, lavender roses and snapdragons.

bridal bouquet design 01

Asiatic Lily Bouquet with Roses

Here are two pink asiatic lilies in the center of a large cascading bridal bouquet.

bridal bouquet design 02

Casa Blanca White Lily Wedding Flower Bouquet

The arrangement in the photo below has Casa Blanca lilies. This is an Oriental lily. They are very beautiful and are striking in a bouquet. You must remember to take off the pollen stems before your wedding day. The bright yellow pollen will stain anything (including white bridal gowns!) it comes in contact with.

bridal bouquet design 03

White Lily Wedding Bouquet Flower

Compare these two white lily arrangements . See the difference in the size? The top bouquet has an Oriental Lily and the bottom has Asiatics. The look is similar - but the Oriental is higher in cost.

bridal bouquet design 04

bridal bouquet design 05

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