Armadillo Cake

Grooms Wedding Cake

The Armadillo cake (traditionally used for the groom's wedding cake) was boosted in popularity by the film Steel Magnolias. Suddenly everyone wanted to use this unique design. Especially dear to the southern states, these funny cakes are sure to be a hit anywhere.

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This was shared by TN of Something Special cakes. Don't you just love the detailing?

Some use Red Velvet cake inside to produce the image of a "bleeding" armadillo. You are the one who has to decide how far to go! This cake photo is by kristykay22 on Flickr.

Here's a photo of the whole body of the cake.

"She Takes the Cake" offers an even more realistic of the animal. How do these talented cake designers do this? I can see why my specialty is flowers! My hat is off to all the talented cake makers of these very funny cakes! Many thanks for allowing me to share them with my brides.

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