Arm Wedding Bouquet Designs

Arm wedding bouquet designs are intended to be cradled in the crook on your arm - not held like a hand tied bouquet. They usually made up of long stemmed flowers and create the lovely illusion of a fresh picked bouquet.

Purple larkspur is accented with wispy limonium and encircled by roses.

purple and lavender bridal bouquet

A rustic fall mix including cattails, wheat and roses would be perfect as an autumn mixed bouquet.

Hybrid blue delphinium, large green Bells of Ireland, standard white roses and white lisianthus are gorgeous. Tie with a sheer bow in the color of your choice.

Lavender larkspur is daintily accompanied by white and yellow daisies and golden roses.

Luxurious mix of different hued roses, hot pink bouvardia and lavender larkspur is lovely with touches of pink heather.

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