Arm Rhinestone Corsage Bracelet

This arm corsage bracelet is soooooo much fun! Rhinestones travel all the way up the arm You can add one cluster of flowers - or even more if you wish!

These rhinestones sparkle and catch the light. I think this would be a lovely accessory for candlelighters. Strapless dresses have made it necessary to find ingenious ways to wear corsages.

You can easily attach the flowers by wiring them directly to the arm anywhere you choose.

Single blossoms, such as gardenias or orchids, create a stunning look. Be inventive . . . attach tiny butterflies or a sparkling broach for additional glamor.

The slave ring has become a favorite for the hottest new look in flower bracelets. Fitz Design has a flexible design pad on all their bracelets. That makes it easy to tie, wire or even GLUE flowers directly to the bracelet.

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