Arm Held Bridal Bouquets

Arm held bridal bouquets are designed to be carried gracefully in the crook of your left arm, palm faced upward. Your right arm is freed up to rest in your escort's elbow down the aisle. When you turn to face your guests at the end of the ceremony, you transfer the bouquet over to your right arm and take your new husband's elbow.

Isn't this bouquet stunning? Bells of Ireland and purple larkspur give long lines for this charming design. pinke roses, red carnations, purple statice and a bit of lavender stock fill in the central part of the bouquet. Royal purple ribbon is braided with a French twist for a novel finish to the handle.

A wide sheer bow of lemon yellow ties together the stems of white roses, carnations and and filler of yellow solidego of this beautiful wildflower bunch.

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