Angel Hair Wire

Angel hair wire is a newer product out by OASIS. Wedding flower trends have definitely moved away from lace and ribbon to decorative accents of colored wire and other bling accents.

Right now it is available in five colors, is totally color-fast and adds a shimmery look to bouquets, corsages, bouts and centerpieces.

It looks like this when you buy it. This fine spun wire comes in a 3.5 ounce bag - but there is A LOT of wire in it!

You pull it out of the bag and gently pull until you separate the fine fibers of the wire. See what a glistening look there is to it?

Here is a shot a little farther away. It doesn't take much to add shimmering highlights to your wedding flowers.

Here is the orange-gold colored wire over hot pink and orange roses.

The blue fiber around this vase is Sisal - but the outer gold is angel wire.

It is available in Gold, Silver, Orange/Gold, Apple Green and Strong Pink.

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