Altar Flowers Tutorial

Yellow Roses

I'm going to complete this altar flowers tutorial by adding deep yellow roses to the final look.  I've wired the roses to give them a reinforced head.  (This is important since you will be transporting these to your church or other venue.)

I begin by adding the first rose in the upper right, directly in front of the first white gladiolus.

With a shorter stem, I add another rose deep in the center, with the rose head angled outward.

Two more roses are included on both the outer right and left of the spray, with their heads facing in those directions.

Finish with shorter length roses inserted lower on both sides.  Always envision the flowers starting from the center, then angling outward in all directions.

This is a three quarter design . . . meaning that it can be viewed front the front and both the right and left sides.  No matter where your guests are seated, they should be looking at the full head of the flowers on the side facing them.

Take a critical look at your floral design from all sides.  See any holes?   I tucked in some extra greenery behind the upper left Matasomoto Aster where it seemed to be missing something.

You may need to add in a single flower here or there or some extra greenery for the final, polished look.

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