Alstromeria Boutonniere

An alstromeria boutonniere is made with a flower also known as a Peruvian lily. Graceful and delicate, this flower has great holding power and comes in a large choice of colors. Reds, oranges, yellows, lavender and more - you'll love the beautiful look of this elegant flower. It works well for weddings and proms.

Several blooms come on one stem, so for a two bloom boutonniere as shown below you should be able to get more than one bout out of a stem. This one is simple, wound with with florist tape, a small amount of filler has been added and then decorated with a colorful wire accent.

Decorative wire comes in so many different colors and thicknesses that it is a lot of fun to experiment and see what unusual combinations you can design.

Peruvian lilies comes in a true lavender color. Accented with a strong blue, this corsage is very attractive - yet not at all "girly".

Adding other fillers such as hypericum berries also adds interest and texture to this orange boutonniere.

If you are interested, check out my tutorial on making an alstromeria boutonniere.

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