Aisle runners

Aisle runners come in so many different styles today, that it's hard to pick a favorite! You can have them personalized with monograms, your first names, wedding dates or favorite passage of scripture. They come in different lengths, so it's important to measure the aisle of your church before ordering.

Whether you have one usher or two (or someone else) unroll the runner, they must be careful to take their time and unroll it evenly. Otherwise it can begin to tangle during that all important time right before the bride walks the aisle!

Secure the roll firmly to the floor or carpeting at the front of the church. Although most come with self adhesive tape, I usually like to secure it with a corsage pin or extra tape. Impatient tugs from the person unrolling the runner can cause it to loosen if they aren't careful. Have extra tape at the back of the sanctuary so that the roll can be quickly cut and secured there as well. This prevents the bride's train from sweeping the aisle runner up as she makes her entrance into the church!

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