Addressing Wedding Invitations

  • Wedding invitations range in so many styles today that many do not require more than one envelope (if one at all!). If the invitation you choose does have two, the outer envelope is written with the mailing information. Write the names only on the inner envelope - but do not include the mailing address.

  • If your guest is bringing someone, but you do not know their name, then address the outer envelope only to the person you know. The inner envelope is where you add "and Guest". Without this extended invitation, your guest would be committing a breech of etiquette if she brought someone with her.

  • There is no problem if you have a more casual guest list if you wish to omit the inner envelope all together.

  • When addressing the outer envelope, do not use standard abbreviations. Instead of Mr., write Messrs. and use Misses instead of Mrs.

    Regarding children . . .any over the age of thirteen generally receive their own invitations. For younger childre, address them by individual names on the inner envelope.

    Sometimes it is impossible to follow this rule, since so many family relationships are complicated or a great number of children are involved. In that case, you can address the outer envelope to read "and Family" on the outer addressed evenlope.

    Now . . .on to more particulars about addressing wedding invitations:

    Addressing Married Couples

    Use both of their names . . . even if you only know one of them. It is not proper to invite only one half of a married couple!

    Unmarried Couples Living in the Same Household

    Address each of their names separately on different lines, but on the same outer envelope.

    Ms. Sandy Meyeres
    Mr. Colin Renter

    Doctors and Reverends (Pastors)

    How you do these envelopes depends on how the doctors address themselves socially. If a woman doctor uses her profession, yet uses her husband's last name in a social manner, then you would address the outer envelope:

    Dr. Karen and Mr. Ryan Hanover

    If she uses a different last name (such as her maiden name) in her practice, then it would be addressed:

    Dr. Karen Small and Mr. Ryan Hanover

    Follow the same pattern for the memebers of the clergy.

    Return Addresses

    Although it's best to put it on the upper left as normal, you can elect to have it on the back flap of the envelope if you prefer.

    If you need more detailed instructions for addressing wedding invitation etiquette, check out the website of Emily Post . She is the untimate "guru" of all things proper!

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