Adding Wax Flower and Asters

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I finish by adding wax flower, asters and green hypericum berries to this bridal bouquet. Waxflower is one of my favorite filler flowers, with tiny perfect flowers and green buds on a grassy looking stem.

I don't go overboard. I've just added two or three sprigs of it to the left and underside the the three pink roses in the center which act as my focal flowers.

The last two elements, hypericum and pink asters will fit perfectly into this pink wedding bouquet. I placed the berries in a triangular pattern around the center roses.

These lovely pink asters have large yellow centers which will make these flowers pop when put into the empty spots in the bouquet.

This cascade bridal bouquet is coming together nicely. Now you can see "holes" in the center of the bouquet where you need to add just another flower or two.

Fill those empty spots in the bouquet with extra snapdragons, pink asters or wax flower. See how beautiful this bouquet is with just a few, easy steps!

Want to see a similar bouquet, constructed the same way but with different flowers? Check out the link below.

Floralock Stem Adhesive

I always stress the importance of completing your bouquets by locking them into the foam with with floral adhesive. This is NOT HOT GLUE - that can easily damage your flowers and make them wilt.

You can use tube floral glue - simply run a line of the glue along the SIDE of the stem before inserting into the bouquet. Don't dip the stem into the glue, as you do not want to seal off the end of the flower stem, making it unable to draw water up.

I find it much easier to use Floralock stem adhesive. Although this small can seems expensive, it's worth it's weight in gold!

The Floralock comes with a straw that fits into the spray nozzle. You then squirt the glue in among the flower stems when done. Use little squirts and don't overdo. You don't want glue running down over the handle.

Always shake the can throughly before using. That allows the glue to flow evenly thru the nozzle and gets every bit out of the can. One can will do many bouquets.

The last product I faithfully use is Finishing Touch. This spray actually seals the flower heads. It hydrates through the petals and helps keep them from becoming transparent or wilting. I use it on every arrangement I send out!

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