Adding Orange Roses

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Adding orange roses is the next step in this wedding tutorial. I began by using orange lilies in a bouquet holder that I custom made from wire. I then inserted hot pink Nerine lilies in a mass cluster on the right side of the bouquet.

Now I will do the same with bright orange roses.

I cut the roses shorter than usual, since this a tight bouquet. If I left them too long, the flowers could completely cover my wire bouquet collar. I want it to show, since it is part of the decorative design. Insert the roses into the open space on the lower right. Gently lift the lily petals, so that you don't bruise or crease them when inserting the roses.

The flowering of the bouquet is nearly finished, now that all the asiatic lilies, nerine lilies and roses have be used in the design.

orange and pink bridal bouquet

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