Adding Freesia

Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

Adding delicate freesia to any wedding bouquet creates a lot of visual interest, texture and a sweet scent.  Freesia is available year round and comes in many different colors, including white, soft mauve, red, lavender and golden yellow.

The stems are slender and light green, with several heads that opens up as the flower matures.

It is a pricier flower, so I generally recommend it for bridal bouquets (to set them apart from other bouquets carried by the wedding party) corsage work and boutonnieres. 

Although it adds a wonderful look to centerpieces, any large quantity of them can add considerable expense if you have a tight flower budget.

Tuck the stems in between the other main flower heads.  Use the budding stalk as a great way to increase texture to your bouquet.

Freesia comes 10 stems to a bunch, so you can see that even just a few stems can add considerable impact to the overall look.  If used in a bridal bouquet, be sure to hold back a stem or two for the groom's boutonniere to make it unique and different from the boutonnieres worn by the other groomsmen and fathers.

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