Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers

Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers is getting to be very popular with today's brides. Considering the soaring costs of weddings today, many of you are looking for ways to trim those costs down. Read over some of the hints below before you decide to make your own wedding flowers.

How Hard are Do It Yourself Weddings?

Well . . . not everything is that hard if you have the right floral floral supplies. But it IS very time consuming. You must be certain that you have enough time to devote to your flowers or cake (or whatever project you set for yourself).

Biting off more than you can chew can create a very tense time for you right before the wedding. Saving money isn't worth spoiling your wedding day by having to stay up until 3:00 a.m. the night before to finish 15 Do It Yourself bouquets!

Choose Easy Projects

The new floral supplies made by Smithers-OASIS has making beautiful centerpieces easier than ever. If you use products like professional flower food, flower and greenery sealant sprays, and simple designs your projects can be greened much earlier and the flowers popped in at the last minute.

Don't Choose Tall and Enormous Centerpieces

If you are picturing huge bouquets similar to what you see on the Academy Awards - leave it to the professionals! Tall arrangements, (unless kept EXTREMELY SIMPLE!) take a lot of set up time. You just cannot afford to be messing with this kind of Do-It-Yourself wedding arrangements!

If this is the first time you or your friends/relatives have tried flower designer, the simpler arrangement the better. But I can show you how to make easy designs that will blow away the tired old "candles-floating-in-a-fishbowl" routine.

Do Yourself a Favor - Order Your Supplies Early

I shake my head over any bride that would stress herself out waiting until the very last minute to order everything she needs. Just as you would order your dresses well before hand, shop for all of your Do-It-Yourself supplies way in advance of your wedding.

Even order one extra so you can play with a design in advance. Pick up a few flowers at the grocery store or local florist and play with the flowers. Time yourself from beginning to end and see just how long one arrangement really takes. This way you can judge your time accordingly.

The flower industry revolves around quick, last to the minute delivery service. Yet you don't own a flower shop with all the supplies in stock. Ordering everything in early lets you have a plan of action and time to purchase something you may have forgotten.

Order One or Two Extra Breakable Items for Spares

.As a florist, whenever I service a wedding I always take along extra candles, hurricane lamp chimneys and any other breakable items.

Well meaning friends, hurrying waiters, and bewildered husbands-to-be do drop or break things! The night before the wedding should not be spent looking for a matching vase! Plan in advance for possible mishaps!

Delegate the Time Consuming Projects to Others

In my experience, corsages and boutonnieres are the most time consuming projects to undertake. Because these flowers are cut and not usually in a water source, they must be done shortly before the wedding.

You may want to do them the quick way (see How to Make a Corsage) or order these from your professional florist. Sometimes it pays to call in the professionals! Be sure they are aware of the variety of flowers you are using so they can have similar on hand.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Now is the time to ask for help from those talented relatives and kind friends. Choose designs that can be fun to do together. This could be a lot more profitable to your wallet than a night out with the girls.

Choose the Right Flowers for your Do It Yourself Wedding Bouquets

Some fresh flowers are definitely more work (or require more space) than others in a Do It Yourself wedding. To keep it easier, stay away from flowers that needs lots of time to open. (Oriental and Asiatic lilies are the worst.)You must give them plenty of room, pick the pollen off as they open, and baby them along by keeping them in the dark or putting them out into the warmth.

Gladiolus also must open some (although they are very nice and cheap in the summertime).

Lisiantus is a difficult flower as none of the heads should touch water or each other as opening. Tulips can be a little tricky as they like to open in the warmth. Daffodils will kill other flowers and put in the same water bucket.

Gardenias and stephanotis are touchy and will wilt easily if not careful. Bouvardia is touchy about opening very soon unless babied along.

Peonies and Sweet Peas are gorgeous - but can be a real pain at times.

Your best bet is for Do It Yourself wedding flowers is to stick with daisies, roses, calla lilies, mums, carnations, gerbera daisies, and hydrangeas (if you take care to keep them in water). These flowers are usually gorgeous upon arrival and need very little care except water and a cool room to stay looking fresh.

Think of all the beautiful compliments you'll get . . .and the money you'll save!

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