A Winning Baseball Themed Wedding

Baseball themed weddings are always popular with true dyed-in-the-wool fans! Are you looking for ways to incorporate the fun of the game? Centerpieces can be made with Oasis spheres - cut in half, set on flat round platter, lightly drawn curved lines to represent the red stitching on a baseball. Using miniature red carnations, insert carnations on the lines. Now fill in the rest of the sphere with white miniature carnations. Don't forget to leave spaces between the "stitches". You are in luck. Sports themed weddings are a lot of fun and easy to do.

Wedding Cake

Stagger baseball cakes down elevated cake stands . . .perhaps making the bottom and largest cake a diamond. Decorate with candy mitts attached with royal icing.

Have two in one! Using the sports pan from Wilton, create a cake for the center of every table!

Decorating the Cake Table

Do you have a large baseball card collection? Have a large piece of glass cut to fit flat on the table under your wedding cake. Scatter out your favorite cards under the glass on the top of your cake table. Now your guests can enjoy your baseball cards - but they'll be protected under glass from kid's fingers and punch spills!

Baseball Cake Topper

Are you good on the computer? Here is a link on how to make your own baseball cards with YOUR images. Make one for you and your hubby and put them on top of your wedding cake instead of the tradition bride and groom!

Baseball Themed Wedding Favors

Baseball cards have got to top the list of favorite sports wedding favors. Put them everywhere. Clip them to the back of your place card holders, add one to each of your or tuck them inside your folded napkins. Another cool idea is to make your own baseball cards. It's so much fun uploading your own images to be printed on the cards. Tie them onto wedding programs or reception favors.

Finish the table with white iced round sugar cookies with red stitching icing. Add your names and wedding date.

Create sports lollipops with a mold from Wilton.

What goes with baseball? Popcorn! This little sweet treats are topped with baseball icing decorations from Wilton. Drop them into baking cups printed with baseballs.

Consider putting a miniature Cupcake Wedding Cake in the center of every table. Using Wilton's baseball baking cups, top each cupcake with a baseball mitt icing decoration or the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" candles.

Using Wilton Candy Melts, create these cool looking candies as baseball wedding favors!

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