Wedding Balloon Arch

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I made a wedding balloon arch over my daughter's dance floor back in June, 2002. Being a wedding florist, I knew that balloons take a lot of time and energy. It helps if you prepare ahead of time by having all the right supplies plus watching "how to" videos ahead of time so you know what you're in for.

How to Keep Helium Balloons Afloat

Because wedding balloons take up so much time, I wanted to complete the arches (with a lot of my friends) the day before. The sad thing is that helium balloons only stay afloat 6 to 8 hours. That presses a bride pretty close when wanting to decorating a roomful of balloons.

Here is another wedding tip: use a product called Hi-Float. It is used by wedding and flower shops everywhere. It is a thick, gluey type of liquid that you squirt into the body of the helium balloon before inflating. Squirt only a dime sized amount and then rub the balloons between your fingersto spread the Hi-Float on the inside of the balloons.

Be careful not the get this in the neck of the balloon or it will be too slippery to tie.

Don't overdo the Hi-Float - too much and the balloon with sink and float right above the floor until completely dry.

Make Sure Your Helpers Know About Hi-Float!

Don't make the same mistake I did. I gave instructions to one person on how to use the Hi-Float. When I came in about twenty minutes later, all the workers were busy on the Wedding Balloon Arch. Only they had switched jobs with each other!

When I watched for a few moments - I asked if they were putting in Hi-Float. When she answered, "What's Hi-float?" my heart sank.

I told them we couldn't use any of the balloons without Hi-Float for the Wedding Balloon Arch. The groans of disbelief arose with a loud sound! (I don't think they actually believed me!)

I'm glad I stuck to my guns, however. The next day the balloon arch WITHOUT Hi-Float was on the floor - but all the rest with Hi-Float were gaily aloft and actually had to be popped to bring them down!

Traditional Wedding Arches

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