Bridal Shower
Games to Play for Everyone

Finding Bridal Shower Games to play that is suitable from everyone can be a challenge. You wouldn't want the same games for a bachelorette party or lingerie party to be used for a shower held in the church basement!

Here are two really nice games that everyone seems to love.

"Name the Spice" Game

Have a lot of clear spice jars (without labels) on a rack. The guests must fill out their numbered paper with their guesses as to what the mystery spice is. Sounds easy - but is harder than it looks. Be sure to number all the bottles - if somebody moves the labels around it could be a problem!

Present the jars and rack as a gift to the winner OR as a gift from the bridesmaids to the bride (with the added labels - of course!)

"Name that Powder" Game

The same principal here - except all the products are WHITE. Ziplock or place in sealed containers to the guests cannot open, taste or smell the contents. It doesn't sound that difficult - but try distinguishing baking power from flour without tasting or smelling! Sugar, powdered sugar, baking soda, flour, and a large assortment of spices come in white.

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Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

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