Bridal Shower Finger Food

These darling bridal shower finger food ideas are so easy to do - and so much fun to eat! Delight your guests and amaze your honored bride by showing her you care by "going the extra mile".

Detailed recipes are provided by Wilton on each of these wonderful treats. Click on individual pictures to find out more.

Mmmmmm . . . tasty little quiches, with a delicious cheese filling baked in light-as-air biscuits. Your guests will be clamoring for the recipe!

Using a Wilton dessert stand to display these tempting vegetables will be a beautiful showpiece for your food table.

Beautiful to the eye and wonderful to eat, these mini pizzas are going to be a big hit at your shower.

Display tempting treats on a Cakes 'N More™ 3-Tiered Party Stand by Wilton. You'll find yourself using this display stand over and over again. It would be a fun gift to the bride after the shower as well.

A perfect bite of this morsel will have your guests coming back for "just one more".

Making these are easy with a Wilton Cookie Master Plus.

These tasty little tarts have just the right combination of cheese and tomatoes for the perfect appetizer.

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Photos courtesy of Wilton Industries. All rights reserved.

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