Bouquet Jewels

Wedding Bouquet Jewelry

Bouquet jewels can add that "extra sparkle" that will catch everyone's eye and make the bouquet all that more special. Use this jewelry in bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, corsage work and anywhere else you'd like a little glitz.

This gorgeous flower jewelry are either mounted on pin sticks or thin, flexible wires for easy insertion into bouquets.

Triple pearl headed pins add elegance when inserted deep into flower heads.

I especially like Diamate pins. Some rhinestone flower jewels are backed with foil, which reflect yellowish-gray or black in photographs. These are clear pins that sparkle and catch the light.

These Flower Gems are made by Lomey and come in gold, purple, green, lavender and multi-colored. Each jewel is shaped into a individual petal making up a flower shape.

The combo of colored pearls and flower gems is truly stunning.

These bouquet pins are pearls surrounded by sparkling rhinestones.

This faceted jewel is larger than most bouquet jewelry and has lots of sparkle and shine.

They are sold by the dozen in my online wedding store.

This unusual jewelry pick has iridescent pearls and interlinked with tiny square mirrors for extra sparkle.

These iridescent rhinestones come on pin picks and shine in rainbow colors.

They pick up surrounding colors to reflect back.

These dainty rhinestone sprays are often used in corsage work. They are sold by the dozen as well.

Pearl sprays are popular flower jewelry, both in bouquets and corsages.

I also sell long strings of faceted jewels, which can be draped from bouquets or snipped apart to be used separated.

Jeweled corsage wristlets can be slid up hand tied bouquet handles for a shiny finish that is absolutely breathtaking.

These wristlets are available in ivory and white pearls as well. It usually takes two for each hand held bouquet handle.

All the gems pictured above are found in my wedding store. See a slideshow below of other available products.

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