Black and White Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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A black and white wedding centerpiece can include several varieties of "black flowers". Are you planning to have a totally black and white themed wedding or are you going to put some color in your wedding reception decorations?

Adding deep vibrant colors such as red or hot pink makes a dramatic statement in a black themed wedding.

Black Wedding Flowers

Although some flowers, such as the Black Magic Rose and the Black Baccara Rose have the word black in their name, they are actually a very deep, velvety red.

There is also a variety of jet iris, but I have yet to see them used in a wedding bouquet. The growing season is short and would make the flower expensive and hard to get.

See a picture example of a hurricane centerpiece made with an Oasis Design Ring. This one is all white, although you can add touches such as Magic or Bacarra roses, ribbon or tulle. This OASIS® Design Ring can stand along with a pillar candle or turns easily into a hurricane centerpiece with the addition of a globe.

White Altar Bouquet

You can choose from several different styles of all white altar bouquets. Magic roses or Baccara Roses can easily be added to these bouquets.

I may suggest that you do not have an all black bouquet in the front of the church. Churches are usually rather dark and very dark colored altar bouquets will be very not show up against the greens in the floral. To photograph well, they need some contrast against the green foliage.

Here is a picture example of a white calla lily altar bouquet. These also work nicely as a wedding centerpiece for your reception tables.

What flowers shall you carry to match your black and white wedding centerpieces? An all white bouquet or a bouquet made entirely of Magic roses?

This white bouquet is made entirely of stephonatis blooms.

This hand made bouquet is a tied clutch made up of dendrobium orchids.

Prefer those deep, deep ebony roses? See this hand held bouquet made up entirely of Black Magic Roses. How elegant!

Check out my white wedding bouquets.

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